Volunteer To Protect Our Democratic Institutions

Volunteer Now! Please join us in our patriotic effort to protect our country from those whose aim is to destroy our Democracy and our American way of life!

Our Democratic Institutions and our electoral system are under attack; the identities of over 85 million Americans were stolen and used to subvert our electoral system; thousands of Russian and Chinese “birth tourists” are allowed to come to our country yearly just to give birth and then return to their countries as mothers of “American-born citizens” who might be "trained" and used in the future to subvert our Democracy.

Saddled with a $21 Trillion national debt with no end in sight, our nation's roads, bridges, airports and the quality of our water and air continue to deteriorate.

The recent decision by the FCC to remove protections for the free and open use of the internet is sure to result in more expensive and sluggish access to the internet, further limiting Americans' ability to openly and quickly exercise their constitutional right to free speech.

Meanwhile, Republican politicians in Washington are only interested in re-election! Volunteer Now!