Fair Rational Taxation

Our country is saddled with a growing $20 Trillion debt caused by an unfair and corrupt, over 75,000-page tax code rigged by self-serving politicians to favor wealthy campaign donors who, via deductions, loopholes and special credits, avoid paying their fair share of taxes.

Only a new tax model designed to achieve "Economic Equality Through Fiscal Responsibility and Fair Taxation" can restore and preserve the seemingly forgotten promise of our great American Democracy as champion and protector of the poor and the middle class. The "Fair Automatic Simple Tax" ("FAST") is that model!

FAST is fair, simple, progressive, automatic and designed to replace a rigged tax code which nobody pretends to understand and is destroying our economy and the confidence of Americans.

• FAST eliminates all deductions, loopholes and special credits
• Lower FAST rates make up for "home mortgage deduction" loss
• FAST eliminates most tax returns
• FAST generates enough revenue to fund and maintain:

- national security
- all necessary social and healthcare programs
- Veterans' and their families' welfare
- the Earned Income Credit (EIC)
- infrastructure and the environment

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